From Atop the Peak

While our team was deftly installing the new artwork in Delhi earlier this month, we surreptitiously deployed our documentation probe to a small mountain overlooking the city of Hong Kong. In charge was Captain Michael Weber who brought along a crew to manage the equipment and conduct extracurricular field sampling of noodles.

Upon touchdown, the team mobilized to the primary site perched high upon the "Peak" that erupts amidst downtown Hong Kong. In Swire Properties' portfolio for over one-hundred years, this historic site had been undeveloped until this new building designed by Frank O. Gehry was erected. Our sculpture was designed for the entry lobby.

Despite the monsoon season with its torrential afternoon rains, Captain Weber was able to capture several clear images of the site and its magnificent skyline backdrop. Although there is still some post-production work to be done on the images, we thought a brief sampling of the photographs coming in from the satellite feed was in order.

This is the view upon arrival at the lobby. In the distance, the Hong Kong harbor and skyline are visible.
Overview of Lobby.
This is a view from the lobby's mezzanine.
View looking upward.

Photo Credits: Michael Weber Photography.