Pecha Kucha Talk

Last night, I gave a Pecha Kucha talk in San Francisco with a collective of local creative insurgents (one guy had come up with a collapsable origami kayak). This format was conceived to keep designers from running at the mouth. So, it's twenty slides that automatically advance and are only shown for twenty seconds each. That's six minutes and forty seconds total. And I like to talk. And talk.

So, I spent a good deal of time figuring exactly what to say and how to stay on schedule. Though I recall a small voice enjoining me to use good old paper, I made the spectacular mistake of transcribing my notes to an iPad. Of course, moments before I began, a wily dybbuk must have slipped into the machine and delightedly crossed wires. It quickly became out of synch with the military advance of slides and I was cast adrift before my peers. Hopefully the magnitude of carnage was amplified in mind and merely played as a fumble.

And on this clear and sunny morning the day after, with all the time in the world, I now gratefully submit to revisionism. Here it is, all clean and pretty: