Dave's Previous Life

Our inveterate engineer and tinkerer, Dave Johnson, has had many lives. Once upon a time, he was a programmer at Apple and also worked in puppetry and robotics at ILM. There was also a period in there where he was deeply into juggling. Festivals. Tours. He probably even wore one of those floppy velour hats. And to render the portrait even more absurd, I believe that he met his lovely wife at a medieval broadsword fighting class back in the day.

Occasionally, he will detach himself from the CAD station (I think he's been continuously plugged into that machine for nearly 17 days at this point working on our project in New Dehli) and head outside to decompress. He keeps a set of weighted pins near the front door for just such an occasion. And sometimes he takes it on the road as he did during this installation in Singapore. Presented here in super slow mo for your viewing pleasure. Please note his extraordinary coordination and finesse. Apparently, he has both brains AND hands.