Bernalwood in Tokyo

For the past week in Tokyo, Sam has been leading a team of ninja-style installers on our latest project. They're from a specialty outfit called Mono Kobo - more on that in a different post - and they've been his extra hands, feet and eyes as he was the only one from our crew over here. And though they had everything under control, I couldn't help but wing my way over to help tweak the sculpture into final shape and avail myself of the culinary splendor and wonder that is Tokyo.

The Mono Kobo team prepare to lift the first of six panels. Photo: Sam Prest

Nik and the Mono Kobo team discuss the next move. Photo: Sam Prest

All done! Mr. Ishida, the project manager for the client, stands several stories up in the air on the scaffold. Photo: Sam Prest

And in a surprise VIP visit, the roving editor of the beloved Bernalwood blog (our studio is in Bernal Heights) flew in to check it all out and make sure that we were properly representing our fair city of San Francisco. Oh yeah, and to join in sampling aforementioned culinary nirvana.

Here's his rundown and photos.