Establish KL Base Camp

Last week, Ari and Arlen arrived in hot, wet, and sunny Kualu Lumpur to establish base camp at the installation site before the rest of us arrived. This was the first time that we had seen the residence since it was just built. To say the least, there is always a sense of anticipation to see what we're up against because there is always something you don't expect that could be your undoing.

Of course, the site was crawling with workers. There were probably fifty people. Some were laying sod. Others were cladding the interior walls with brushed bronze panels. The room where all the electrical components came together looked like the guts of a mainframe computer.

The living room where the piece was to be installed was nicely locked down with floor-protection and tape on the doors to keep people from bothering us. Oh yeah, and it was the only room in the house with AC. Which was great, though people were waring scarves after a day or two in there.

Ari and Arlen spent most of day one and two plotting all the location of the sculptural elements on the ceiling of the alcove with lazaaahs. They also installed and checked out all the schwanky Erco fixtures, some of the nicer ones out there. We joked that they likely cost more than the piece.